Reasons you may not be feeling better despite your best efforts

Frequently in my nutrition practice clients come to me saying that they have tried everything and they are feeling frustrated and desperate and wondering why they still don’t feel better despite their efforts and they want to know why.

I have noticed that in these cases the same issues seem to crop up that can be reasons why their efforts have not brought them the results they were hoping for.

Let’s take a look at the top 6 reasons that I have observed, so you can avoid this trap.

Relying on supplements alone

No supplement can overcome a deficient diet. So many people run out to buy the latest supplement that is advertised for whatever condition hoping that it is the answer to their problems. But remember it is never just one thing that we do that will bring back balance, but rather a combination of different strategies.

Yes, using supplements strategically is very beneficial and can help give us that little extra boost towards feeling better and re-balancing the body. But, don’t get caught in the trap of taking supplements and thinking that your diet doesn’t matter.

Supplements on their own are not enough! They are meant to supplement an already nutrient dense diet, to fill in the gaps and in certain circumstances provide additional temporary support to re-build and re-balance the body. Use supplements wisely and choose quality supplements. Food is medicine! First and foremost.

Relying on a specific “diet” or dieting period

Everyone is unique. There is no one diet fits all and no quick fix. We need to ditch the diet mentality and eat real nutrient dense whole foods and listen to our body to discover what’s right for us. Symptoms are our body’s language and our body’s way of crying out for help and support.

We need to tune in, pay attention and learn to understand our body’s language and provide our body with what it needs.

You give up and don’t stick to your plan long enough

How many times have you stuck to a plan for a few days or weeks, or even months, then you fell off the wagon, for whatever reason… and didn’t get back on again? Or you started feeling better and thought, that was it, you’re done, you’re fixed!

Hey, it’s happened to all of us. Been there, done that!

We tend to want a quick fix and when it doesn’t happen, we give up or move on to the next diet plan or fad. The fact is, it took you a long time to end up in a state of poor health, and getting your health back means that you must stick with it until it becomes habit if you truly want to re-balance your body and experience optimal well-being.

It isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle and it takes time to re-establish balance in the body and establish new habits. This is different for everyone depending where you are on the slope of health. And know that if you return to your old habits that created the state of imbalance and health condition that you are experiencing, your symptoms will likely return in time.

So, once optimal wellness is achieved it is important to maintain it. It doesn’t matter if progress is slow, and you may slip up once in a while. That’s ok. That’s life. We are human. It’s not a reason to quit and give up on yourself. Have a goal, a vision and a plan in place and just pick up again. Small healthy choices make a big difference in the long run.

You don’t address the root cause and don’t support gut health

This is huge! Unfortunately this is WAY TOO OFTEN OVERLOOKED by most people and even by many practitioners. It is important to get at the root cause, the reason why we developed a certain condition or health problem in the first place, and not only mask the symptoms or isolating a symptom as THE problem.

This always starts with building from the foundation up, which begins with gut health and supporting other body systems along the way. This can take time and you need to be committed to sticking with it.

It doesn’t need to be hard or complicated. It’s about progression not perfection. Remember – to experience true and optimal wellness, it is a lifestyle not a quick fix. It is about making daily choices and establishing sustainable lifestyle strategies and habits that will last a lifetime.

Ignoring your emotional state

Don’t underestimate the effect of your emotional state on being physically healthy. The vast majority of our thoughts are negative and well over 90% are repetitive. Being “stuck” emotionally can affect our ability to get well and stay well. Physical health affects our emotional state, and vice versa. Check out my blog post “What can happen when you carry the burden of unresolved emotions” for a better understanding of what I am referring to.

You do only 1 thing and you don’t to look at what other areas of your life may be contributing to your health condition

Often times people will improve their diet or take a few supplements, but don’t address other contributing factors to their well-being. It is important to look at the BIG picture from a holistic perspective.

Environment, toxins in personal care products, cleaning products, relationships, your mindset, self-talk, releasing emotional baggage, the quality of your sleep, how you manage stress in your life, and safe movement/exercise.

Nutrition is definitely the core principle of optimal health and gut health is the foundation, but they are not the only things that affect our health and well-being. It’s important to be open to looking at how all areas of your life can be affecting your health and take appropriate action.

So there you have it. The top 6 reasons why you may not be feeling better despite your best efforts.

  1. Relying on supplements only to “fix” you and using poor quality supplements.
  2. Relying on a specific “diet” or dieting period
  3. You give up and don’t stick to your plan long enough
  4. You don’t address the root cause and don’t support gut health
  5. Ignoring your emotional state
  6. Do only one thing and you don’t look at what other areas of your life may be contributing to your health condition or symptoms.

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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