“I decided to consult with Joanne when conventional medicine could not provide me with any solutions to my symptoms. I was experiencing long standing digestive issues that were not improving, such as bloating after most meals which was extremely uncomfortable, feeling tired, and low energy which was often worse after working out.

Joanne is very knowledgeable and was thorough in the process of finding the reason for my symptoms and the right plan that made a huge difference for me. I found it helpful that she explained how the body works and why she was making certain recommendations and the impact that these changes would have on my health. I am happy to say that within the first 2 weeks I already felt much better, and now I have significant improvement with my digestive issues, and I have much more energy!

She was always available for support and encouragement, and to answer any questions that came up. That shows to me that she deeply cares about her clients!

Joanne made life changing recommendations for me and I am grateful to have found someone who cares and can help me moving forward with focusing on preventive health solutions for long term health!”

— Darleen L. Georgina, On

“I loved my experience with Joanne! I had been suffering for years with joint pain from osteoarthritis, particularly in my hands, and I had high cholesterol levels for over 10 years.

She helped me understand how some foods that I was eating could be causing inflammation in my body and contributing to my symptoms and health problems. I am now more aware of my food choices.

Through her guidance and support I was able to make dietary changes which had a huge positive impact in my life that resulted in improved overall health, and I now have more energy than I have ever experienced before!

The pain caused by osteoarthritis has decreased by 90%, and my long-standing high cholesterol levels have decreased as well! Both of which I was quite concerned about.

Joanne was instrumental in helping me improve my health. I am extremely grateful that she is there to guide and support me, and help me stay on track.

I would recommend her without a moment’s hesitation. She is the best! Thank you so much.

— Michèle Potvin, Brossard Qc

“It is with absolute confidence that I would recommend Joanne to anyone who is looking to make a positive change concerning their health!

I have many health concerns, and I have been working with Joanne for a while. She has stuck by me and coached me with positive reinforcement, without judgment and with great patience through my challenges.

Joanne is very knowledgeable and if she does not have the answer she will go the distance to make sure she has the most appropriate information before consulting with you.

So if you are looking to improve your health, Joanne is definitely the right person for you as she will help you do just that!

— Linda L. Lacolle Qc

“Joanne is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about all aspects of nutrition and health. She will find different ways to help clients and solve difficult health issues.

After assessment, she provided me with numerous recommendations, food choices, menus and even recipes adapted to my needs.

She is comforting, mindful and non judgmental. Her desire to bring you the gift of health is her priority.

Without a doubt, I highly recommend Joanne to anyone wanting to move forward on their path to health and wellness.

— Marie-Andrée L. Ottawa

“I consulted with Joanne due to high blood pressure, joint pain in my knees that was getting increasingly worse, and type II diabetes that I was having difficulty managing even on medication. My sugar levels were frequently too high after meals and in the morning upon waking, which concerned me. I was experiencing more and more symptoms, such as tired all the time, pain in my stomach and side, as well as many digestive upsets.

Joanne explained what was happening in my body, and how the way I was eating was contributing to my symptoms. She provided me with a nutrition and supplement plan to support my health issues and help my body restore balance.

Well, I couldn’t believe it but in as little as three weeks I was already seeing great improvements in my health and my blood sugar had stabilized!

Joanne recommended that I see my doctor to explain to her what I was doing and show her my numbers. My doctor decided to take me off my diabetes medications if I continued on my wellness plan! My knees were also improving. I noticed that they weren’t quite as stiff when I got up from a sitting position!

Working with Joanne was easy. She was very supportive and the information she provided helped me better understand what I needed to do to get better. I would highly recommend her services. Thank you Joanne for your help!”

— Barbara, Chateauguay Qc

When I first saw and heard Joanne Lapierre speak, I knew immediately that this woman did not simply speak from an academic standpoint but from experience. Her words resonated with me.  She would understand my situation.

I got in touch and set up an appointment.  Best thing I’ve done in a long time. Joanne clearly explained her position and how she could help me. Then she listened, carefully, to what I had to say, how I felt, what my limits were, what my strengths were. 

Based on all these factors, she set up a plan for me, which we would build on.  A plan which would make me healthier, feel better physically and mentally. 

With Joanne’s advice, I have become more aware of my health and feel better than I have in a long time.  She makes everything easy to understand and guides with genuine care. 

I can follow all that I have learned and work it around my life. It’s a good feeling!

— Marta U. Greenfield Park, Qc.

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